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I'm a Chinese student studying in the U. S.. I like reading and talking about books I like or dislike.
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China Mountain Zhang - Maureen F. McHugh A nice slice-of-life novel set in an alternative future with a quasi-1990s communist China taking over the world. The explanation of such takeover at the end does not make a lot of sense, but its vivid depiction of cultural shock is just awesome and quite realistic as well imo. It largely focuses on the life of ordinary people who are marginalized/prosecuted because of sexuality/race/origin etc. in an oppressive world, their emotion, dreams and and their struggle for acceptance and survival, and overall keeps a sad yet warm tone.

p.s. today it has a somewhat retro-futuristic feel IMO due to the gradual but noticeable economic & social liberalization (including the restart of lgbt movement in late 90s and 2000s) in China in the last few decades.