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I'm a Chinese student studying in the U. S.. I like reading and talking about books I like or dislike.
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For the Win - Cory Doctorow This is YA fiction, but it's not a book about first-world high schoolers angsting over popularity or boyfriend/girlfriend who may or may not be human, nor is it about some farm boy going through a Quest(TM) in Generic Pseudo-Medieval European Fantasy Setting(TM). Instead, it is about finance & labor unions, about international solidarity, about some of the most pressing issues women & men & children in third-world countries are facing in real life, and about people around the world standing up in solidarity with each other through the use of technology, and demanding changes & a fairer future. This is the sort of YA fiction I hope could be more popular among YAs.

IMHO the writing is probably not the best I've seen but it has plenty of good, fast-paced action sequence & is overall quite entertaining, & it seems to be reasonably well researched despite some possible plausibility issue & some noticeable errors or typos (e.g. it should be "Malay Archipelago" not "Malay Peninsula"). Also, unlike his previous Little Brother, this one passes the Bechdel test.