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I'm a Chinese student studying in the U. S.. I like reading and talking about books I like or dislike.
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Holy Bible: New International Version - Anonymous It has some boring bits (repetitions), disturbing bits (genocides, slavery, torture), arguably "un-PC" bits (homophobia, misogyny, anti-science sentiments etc., which are actually quite rare & unimportant despite what fundamentalists & "new atheists" say, & mostly can be seen as fair for its times), but also some really amazing bits. And though I'm not Christian I do think that the radical vision of a kind of unconditional love that transcends all boundaries between cultures, classes, genders & ideologies in the four gospels is still very relevant today, even though it seems that it was distorted by fanatics (Paul etc.) not very long after Jesus' death. As to old testament, my favorite part might be job, which raised the famous problem of evil.

Overall I think despite all the sufferings caused by so-called "believers" in its name, it is still a great book whose revolutionary ideals have shaped western civilization & is still a valuable lesson for people of this post-industrial age.