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I'm a Chinese student studying in the U. S.. I like reading and talking about books I like or dislike.
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Beauty Queens - Libba Bray Lord of the Flies with all MCs are participants of a beauty pageant who survive in the jungle, fight illegal arm dealers and finally uncover the betrayal of "the Corporation" who organizes said pageant, while at the same time doing feminist consciousness raising (which imho gets a bit repetitive in the end). The cast is reasonably diverse for a progressive young adult fiction w/ one African American, one Indian American, a few fundamentalist Christians (who all eventually grow out of it), one lesbian with dysfunctional upbringing, one bisexual with hearing impairment, and one transwoman (kind of reminds me of the recent Jenna Talackova stuff). It has lol moments from begin to end, lots of satire (sometimes over-the-top) on issues varies from international politics & consumerist culture to body image & abstinence-only sex-ed, as well as many funny popular culture reference from Twilight to 007. In general it's probably not terribly deep and the plot could be a bit contrived esp. towards the end, but overall it's definitely a fun to read.